DIY Vegan Lip Balm

Love you some soft lips but don't want to disturb the busy bees?

No worries, I will be showing you How To Make Your Very Own Vegan Lip Balm.

Oh but wait! Did you know lip skin doesn’t sweat and it doesn’t produce sebum (your skin’s natural oil)?

Without sweat and sebum, your lips dry out quicker than other parts of your skin. Your lip skin is only 3-5 layers deep compared to the skin on your face, which has 16 layers. If you didn't know, now you do!

What you will need for your Vegan lip balm:

(Makes 20g or 0.5 oz of lip balm. To make more, simply double or triple recipe)

7g Raw Shea butter (from made by hardworking but less fortunate women in a village Ghana)

7g Sweet almond oil or castor oil for extra moisture

6g candelilla wax (you can find it on Amazon)

0.1g vitamin E oil

A small metal/glass bowl or mason jar.

Lip balm tubes or tins (Don't leave your lip balm in your hot car in the summer. If you do you, use a tin with a tight lid, so it all stays in just in case it melts). You can buy these on Amazon paper tubes and tins


Using a double boiler or heat-safe bowl place mason jar containing Raw Shea butter, candelilla wax, and almond oil or castor oil in the pot of simmering water. Stir until melted and blended.

Remove from heat and add vitamin E oil. Stir until blended and pour into lip balm tubes/tins. If the lip balm begins to harden in your pouring container, put it back in the hot water bath to re-melt, and continue pouring.

Voila, you are set! Your lips and the bees will be doing the happy dance for a long, long time! TRY it and let me know what you think :)

Oh! before you leave did you know...

Candelilla wax is extracted from the candelilla plant and it means “little candle.”? It is a natural, multifunctional, vegetable wax comprising a complex of natural wax esters.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Remember to stay enriched while enriching others. Post your formulations on social media. Tag us on instagram and facebook at northshea so we can repost your creations with the entire northshea tribe.

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