Why Northshea? 

Northshea was inspired when our founders -Ghanaian natives and social entrepreneurs sought earnestly for a way to liberate hardworking women in Northern Ghana from poverty.  After meeting with local women and shea butter producers, we realized the true value of the shea tree: a tree with the power to enrich not only the skin but also the lives of disadvantaged women in rural communities across northern Ghana. 


As a social enterprise, Northshea, named after the region, is committed to the double bottom line of enriching both skin and life. This venture addresses female joblessness and alleviates poverty in rural Ghana by employing local Ghanaian women and paying them to double their average income, which is money they can use to feed their families and re-invest back into their communities.


Why Northern Ghanaian Women?


Out of the about 150,000 tons of shea butter exported from Africa yearly, 50,000 tons of that comes from the three northern regions of Ghana. Yet most of the 3 million women who make this shea butter live in extreme poverty. As in, their kids only get one meal a day. Northshea believes that if their sweat and knowledge are driving revenues in the international market, then they deserve higher living wages and better lives. 



The Northshea Team


Charity Malia Dinko


Felix Sam

Northshea women

The incredible lives and hands behind your fresh shea butter

We are working to add more creative and innovative thinkers to our growing team. Let us know if you or a friend has any expertise that could advance our vision. 

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